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Have you noticed that when you lay down to sleep that your mask does not seal or fit correctly? When you lay down everything changes!  

You can try on various new and older style mask to find the one that fits and seals the best for you. There are many different masks, styles, and different manufactures. Find a mask you like.

Dirty Mask and PAP Machine?

Bring your Mask and PAP Machine into Wave Medical Equipment for cleaning. We will sanitize you Mask and PAP Machine using our state of the art process. 

Bring your PAP equipment in before Noon and it will be ready for you to pickup by 4:00p.m. that SAME DAY!

Wave Medical Equipment can ship your CPAP supplies to your front door throughout the state of Alabama. Wave Medical Equipment is a participating provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, Alabama Medicaid, VIVA and Healthsprings. We also accept assignment on most Medicare items.

Chances are you were just handed a mask. Sometimes the mask works and sometimes it does not work for you.

 Many customers, like you, who were just handed a mask and were not able to be a part of the mask fitting process. One of the primary goals of using a PAP device it to be compliant in the use of the device.

If you, the customer, are not compliant with the use of the PAP device all of the trouble and hassle of being tested is useless and expensive. You also miss out on the benefits of feeling well rested. Your insurance may also stop paying for the equipment if you are not compliant and you may be billed. Yikes!

If you have trouble with your mask visit us at Wave Medical Equipment. We have many different mask in stock. Our staff will be glad to answer your questions so that you may sleep well.

We look forward to your visit. Remember we accept Medicare, Blue Cross of Alabama, VIVA, and Healthsprings.


Were You Fitted for your PAP mask?

​Were you just handed a mask?

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